Cemone Harris, a south Dallas resident for over 50 years says she’s feeling safer these days since the Dallas Police Department launched its summer crime reduction initiative in May.

Cemone Harris, South Dallas Resident

“I know that some people were complaining about it, but I appreciate it. I really and truly do because now I can actually sit out on my porch and enjoy my day, my Sunday and not have to worry about all of the traffic, all of the commotion, all of the loud music. All of that is gone.”

Harris’ neighborhood is one of eight areas experiencing the highest volume of violent crime. This carwash, a block away from her home was a nemesis. There was gang activity, drug deals and shooting deaths.

Since the rollout by DPD and Texas Troopers, residents in south Dallas have seen a 24 percent reduction in crime, southwest – 6.82, North Dallas – 2.33, Northeast – 32.65 and East Dallas, 36.36. Overall, there has been a 5.19 percent reduction in violent crime.

Officers have made 500 felony arrests and 400 gang contacts. They’ve confiscated over 200 weapons and seized 700 items of drugs.

Dallas Police Assistant Chief Avery Moore

“Not surprised that we’ve been able to make an impact, not completely satisfied with it. Crime is still higher than it should be, we recognize that and we’ll continue to address crime.”

Principal Ruby Ramirez oversees a school in Pleasant Grove. She too shares Harris’s sentiments about DPD’s summer crime initiative. Before, she’d hear gunshots outside of the school and there would be trespassers and car thefts on the premises, but not anymore.

Ruby Ramirez, School Prinicipal

“It’s really been very peaceful so we’ve been very excited about that and it has been noticeable to not just our teachers, but we do know and have heard that through conversations with students.           

Although the department has had success with the summer crime reduction initiatives, violent crime is still higher than 2018. DPD will continue its efforts to combat violent crime with additional initiatives in the coming weeks and months.