Crime Reduction Effort Continues with Arrest, Drug and Gun Seizures

The Dallas Police Department continues its ongoing efforts to keep Dallas safe and reduce crime.

The Narcotics Unit, along with officers from the Central Patrol Division executed a search warrant on September 26, 2019, in the 5200 block of East Side Avenue.  The search warrant was the result of the arduous work put forth by the lead detective who subsequently developed a solid lead on where the drugs were being sold. After the search warrant was secured, narcotic detectives and uniformed officers swooped in made an arrest, and seized the following drug and guns:


  • 8.4 Grams of Cocaine (rock)                               
  • 1 Colt .357 Revolver
  • Canik 9 mm
  • Jennings 9 mm
  • Ruger 9 mm
  • Century 7.62 X 39 mm
  • US Currency $7,535.00