DPD Protecting Property During the Storm

A video was taken showing one of our officers assessing damage at a liquor store located in the 2900 block of Walnut Hill Lane in northwest Dallas. The business sustained a considerable amount of damage due to the storm; leaving it accessible to the public. When the officer noticed criminal activity, he called for backup or cover at approximately 10:25 p.m. Below is a link to that call made by the officer in question to dispatch. His actual call sign is C543. On the audio, he identifies himself as Charley 43.

The officer said: “Charley 43…. Ma’am. If you have another one man come over towards the 7-Eleven and the liquor store please? I’m having multiple homeless people trying to run in and steal all the stuff that’s out.”

The officer clearly calls for backup a full 2 minutes before he is videotaped holding bottles and placing the items on the ground.

The officer said he approached a White female with bottles in her hands. He then took the bottles from her and placed them on the ground. He was protecting the property of the business owner. The officer was also there to assist anyone in need of help.

Officers of the Dallas Police Department take their roles seriously and serve to protect the community with honor and bravery. The men and women in blue go to work everyday mindful of the badge, their integrity and most of all the public’s trust.