Dallas Project Safe Neighborhood Receives Prestigious Award

The Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement, a prestigious and coveted award, was awarded to recipients from the Dallas PSN team, which include Dallas Police Department officers. This award recognizes outstanding professional achievements by law enforcement officers. The Dallas PSN team is comprised of more than 60 officers and special agents from at least 11 different federal and local law enforcement agencies, and more than 15 community organizations. On October 23, 2019, this group of officers received the award for Extraordinary Work of Dallas Project Safe Neighborhood.

The primary goal  of this group is to eliminate violence in a target area and make a significant impact on crime. Since being formed, the group’s work has included over 170 arrests of violent individuals. The group is still in its early stages and is working hard to keep the Dallas community safe for its residents. 

Officers recognized from the Dallas Police Department in this group are:

  • Detective Kassie L. Schiver
  • Detective Calvin V. Scudder
  • Sergeant Vincent Lee
  • Sergeant Leroy L. Quigg
  • NPO Joshua R. Cooper
  • Task Force Officers Marcus Markulec
  • Task Force Officer Michael S. Reuler
  • Northeast CRT Squad (Not pictured)

Congratulations to the Dallas Project Safe Neighborhood team!