October’s Officer of the Month – Mike Csaszar

On October 30, 2019, Police Officer Mike Csaszar, #6567, was awarded October’s Officer of the Month by the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee.  A luncheon ceremony was held in his honor at Methodist Hospital in the Weiss Auditorium.

Officer Csaszar, who recently retired in September 2019, was nominated for Officer of the Month by Dallas Police Captain, Troy McClain.  Prior to his retirement, Officer Csaszar was assigned to the Legal Services Team where he was the department’s liaison officer to the Frank Crowley Courts Building. 

Officer Csaszar was responsible for keeping a daily account of all officers subpoenaed to the 38 County Courts. He not only accounted for each officer, but he was very instrumental with the  improvements made to the officer’s waiting room. 

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Through the years, the officer’s waiting room had become rundown and unsightly. However, Officer Csaszar took it upon himself to sprucing up the waiting room which provided a more relaxing atmosphere for officers who were waiting to testify. Officer Csaszar used much of his own money and solicited assistance from a local furniture store in order to refurnished the officer’s waiting room, and to stock it with snacks for the officers. The Legal Services Team has received multiple compliments on the extraordinaire makeover to the officer’s waiting room. Through his efforts, Officer Csaszar has created an overall healthier environment in the officers’ waiting room by providing comfort, improving moral, and raising spirits.  

Thank you and congratulations, Officer Csaszar, for your generosity and dedication which has earned you October’s Officer of the Month.