The Grinch Did Not Steal Christmas!

On December 12, 2019, at about 12:00 p.m., officers received a call regarding a theft in progress at Mapleridge and Ferndale, which is located in the Northeast Patrol Division. The caller reported that he had just witnessed a package being taken from his porch. The caller stayed on the phone with dispatch as he followed the suspects from afar. The witness observed the suspects as they took a package from a different home. When Officer Koch and Officer Foreman arrived, they were able to detain both suspects and take them into custody for multiple thefts. Arrested were:

  • Amanda King Brown, White female/33
  • Hassan Suileman, Middle Eastern male/29

Through the investigation, officers were able to retrieve a total of 14 packages that the two suspects had taken from 9 different homes. Detective Sparks and officers from the Northeast Patrol Division were able to get all the packages back to their rightful owners.

It is with the great work of the community, officers, and detectives working together that these offenses were solved! The Grinch did not steal Christmas this time!

The Dallas Police Department would like to encourage everyone, If You See Something, Say Something!