Keeping Dallas Safe – Gang Unit Execute “Best for Less” Operation

On December 5, 2019, the Dallas Police Department’s Gang Unit executed its “Best For Less You’ve Been Warned” operation. The Gang Unit targeted a grocery mart located in the 3100 block of E. Ledbetter Drive. During the operation, Gang Unit members detained 29 individuals that were either engaging in or spectating gambling by “shooting dice” while loitering at the location. All individuals were issued a criminal trespass warning not to return to the location. The following is a result of the operation:

Arrests – 5

Guns Seized – 2

Drugs Seized – 3

Gang Cards – 11

The following are the names and charges of those arrested:

Tave, Davon B/M/26-years-old

Case number – 244491-2019

Evading Detention

DSO Hold – Prob Viol Felony Assault F/V

Minafee, Temontray B/M/27-years-old 

Case number – 244553-2019

Evading Detention 

Poss Marijuana 

Poss Cocaine 

Upf (Kel Tec 9mm Handgun)

Fail to ID Fugitive

DSO Hold – 6 Felony Warrants & 6 Misdemeanors

Watkins, Tommy B/M/25-years-old

Case number – 244463-2019

Parole Violation – Burglary

Collins, Shaquille B/M/25-years-old

Case number – 155242-2019

DSO Hold – Assault F/V

Anderson, Ladarion B/M/28-years-old

Case number – 244478-2019

DSO Hold – Fail to ID

Officers also located a Silver Glock 9mm Handgun and 11.8 grams of marijuana under vehicles. The gun and marijuana were deposited into the Baylor Property Room.

Outstanding work Gang Unit and members of Operations for “Keeping Dallas Safe”. This is one role of the dice that didn’t pay out.