Narcotics Operation Seizes Gun and Drugs – 776 Emberwood Drive


On January 6, 2020, at 4:00 p.m., officers from the Narcotics, SWAT, and Gang units executed a narcotics search warrant at 776 Emberwood Drive. The Narcotics Unit began to investigate after receiving a drug complaint for the address listed. The evidence obtained during the investigation was sufficient for the officers to obtain a search warrant. The following arrest and seizures were a result of that search. This is documented on Case #003832-2020. The results are as follows:

Arrests and Seizures

  • 1 Arrest – McGraw, Michael (B/M/34)
  • 909.4 Grams Marijuana
  • 26.7 Grams Cocaine Rock
  • 55.8 Grams Cocaine Powder
  • 18.6 Grams Methamphetamine
  • 11.9 Grams Acetaminophen
  • (1) .357 Revolver Handgun
  • $529.00 Cash