Air 1 Gets a New Home!

Awws and ewwwws were all you heard during today’s grand opening of the Dallas Police Department’s Air 1 helicopter hanger. Dallas Love Field CEO, Mark Dubner, welcomed everyone to the new 16,800 square foot top of the line facilities. The hanger currently houses two Dallas Police Helicopters, but has room for two more. This is a big step up from the previous 9,000 square foot location!

Chief Hall expressed, “Air 1 is a vital crime fighting tool for the city and the new hanger is definitely needed.”

Those officers assigned to the Helicopter Unit also get to enjoy a spacious lounge area, workout facilities, and a kitchen area that would make any gourmet chef proud. With all the natural lighting, the space was a sight to see! 

The Dallas Police Department would like to thank the Department of  Aviation and Robert Landsford for Air 1’s new home. We would also like to send our gratitude to our volunteer Carol Archer who helped secure the donated work out equipment from Planet Fitness.