An Interview With Chief Hall – A Plan In Action

On Wednesday, January 22, 2019, Chief Hall participated in an interview with NBC to explain her Crime Reduction Plan. She made it clear that more police presence is key in high-crime areas to help deter crime. Officers will also focus on known offenders in an effort to reduce criminal activity from repeat offenders.

The use of technology will also be expanded. It will assist to further enhance the surveillance over these areas. Hall said. “As we are able to leverage our technology and put cameras all around this city, that is going to help us be able to see that criminal element. And no criminal wants to be caught on camera.”

Chief Hall emphasized that one of the best ways to fight crime in neighborhoods is for citizens to give us information so that we are aware of what is occurring. The citizens know where crime is happening. They know who the offenders are or have information that may help us identify them. If criminal activity goes unreported, we can’t achieve our goal.

Hall said residents must play a part in reducing crime by speaking up. In an effort to ease the process of reporting crime, the Dallas Police Department is promoting the following services:

DORS, Dallas Online Reporting System, is a way for citizens to make police reports for certain offenses from any online device through This aids in keeping officers on the street to respond to calls and makes it easier for citizens to file reports.

iWatchDallas, gives citizens a way to give tips or report suspicious activity from any online device at any time. Download the app to your device or go to You can choose to remain anonymous, submit GPS locations, photos and/or video with the push of a button.

If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1. Text to 9-1-1 is also available in the City of Dallas if you can’t talk.

Crime prevention is everybody’s business.

To see the interview, click on the link below:

Dallas Police Chief Explains, Defends Violent Crime Reduction Plan