Keeping Dallas Safe: More Drugs off the Streets!


On January 30, 2020 approximately 7:20 a.m., SWAT, Gang and the Narcotics Division executed a search warrant at 5321 Audrey Street Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, with the assistance from the Fugitive Unit. Narcotics personnel worked the complaint and secured the narcotics search warrant. The results are as follows:





Moore, Reginald B/M 12/28/1962.

Charges = VHSC 481.112, 481.121, UPFF, (4) Probations Violation warrants.

Criminal History = multiple drug charges and UCW.

Hackney, Janice B/F 03/15/1960.

Charges = VHSC 481.112, 481.121.

Criminal History = Aggravated Assault DW, Assault causing BI, evading, prostitution, drug and theft charges.


9.3 Grams of Cocaine Powder

0.4 Gram of PCP

244.9 Grams of Promethazine

11.6 Grams of Methamphetamine

953 Grams of Marijuana

U.S. Currency:



Bersa 380 semi auto