2020 February Officer of the Month

On February 11, 2020, Senior Corporal Scott Reinert, #6557, was awarded February’s Officer of the Month by the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee.  A breakfast ceremony was held in his honor at La Madeline.

Senior Corporal Reinert is a 29-year-veteran of the department and is currently assigned to the Dallas Police Department’s DWI Squad.  He joined the DWI Squad in 1994 and has investigated and arrested thousands of impaired drivers, some that included drivers involved in fatalities, intoxication assault, and intoxication manslaughter. His supervisor, Sergeant Mike Bryan, nominated Senior Corporal Reinert for this award for his dedication to duty and exceptional acts of professionalism which reflect the mission of the Dallas Police Department. 

In his nomination letter, Sergeant Bryan stated, “Senior Corporal Reinert has dedicated his career getting drunk drivers off the road in which he has made over 3000 arrests. Sergeant Bryan further stated, “One can only imagine how may lives have been saved as a result of his enforcement efforts.” Senior Corporal Reinert has received the MADD Law Enforcement Award three years in row in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Thank you, Senior Corporal Scott Reinert, for your outstanding police performance, hard work and dedication that has earned you February’s Officer of the Month.