Implosion of Tower Located at 2828 N. Haskell Avenue

The 11-story tower located at 2828 N. Haskell Avenue will be imploded on Sunday, February 16, 2020. The implosion will begin around daybreak.

The area in close proximity to the location will have very limited access for both pedestrians and vehicles for several hours prior to the implosion. The limited access will continue for up to three hours after the implosion. Right before the implosion, traffic on I-75 will be stopped for up to 10 minutes.

Other roads that will impacted:

  1. Carroll & northbound Central Service Road
  2. Carroll Avenue
  3. Carroll & Coles Manor Pl
  4. Carroll & Atoka
  5. Peak & Belmont
  6. Peak & Carroll
  7. Capitol & westbound Haskell
  8. Capitol & eastbound Haskell
  9. Haskell & northbound Central Service Road
  10. Haskell Overpass Turnaround
  11. Haskell Overpass
  12. Eastbound Haskell & southbound Central Service Road
  13. Westbound Haskell & southbound Central Service Road

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