Dallas PD Goes Beyond the Badge

A 7-year-old little boy laid in his hospital bed in pain after a 12-hour surgery that should have lasted five hours. The next day, he was uplifted after a surprise visit from three of the Dallas Police Department’s motor jocks.

“The smile that came across my son’s face when he saw officers Scott and Timmons come into the room, was the turning point when he knew he was going to be okay,” said the boy’s parents, Dimitrios and Julie Dimoulakis.  

Sergeant Kelvin Pope, Senior Corporal Michael Scott and Officer Charles Timmons of the traffic unit got word that the boy could use some cheering up. Former traffic officer and retired Senior Corporal Joseph Chatham knew the family very well and heard about the seriousness of the boy’s health.

Chatham then took it upon himself to ask some of his fellow riders if they would pay the little boy a visit at Scottish Rite hospital; a day after the surgery on Jan. 29.

“I was reluctant at first because I wasn’t sure what was going to come of the surgery,” said the father. “Chatman is a great friend.”

For the officers, it’s not just about writing traffic tickets. They say it’s about helping each other.

“There are so many things that officers do every day that we brush off, but the fact that they spent the time to lift one 7-year-old’s spirits was a true blessing,” said Dimoulakis. “I can’t thank these officers enough for making a positive difference in my son’s life and my family’s life.”