Sex Offender Check-In Procedure Change

In an effort to maximize the safety of our community and workforce during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Dallas Police Department will immediately implement the operational change outlined below. This change is intended to reflect the best practices put forth by the Centers for Disease Control to mitigate the disease impact while still maintaining our public safety responsibilities. It is important to note that we are not amending our response to critical calls where life or safety is jeopardized. We will continue to monitor this change and update as necessary.

• DPD will amend its sex offender check-in procedures. Offenders who are newly released to the community will still be processed and registered, so we have their information in our system. Currently registered offenders who come to DPD to conduct their check-in will confirm that the information we have on file is still accurate and be instructed to call and make an appointment to come back at a later date for in-person processing.