COVID-19 Operational Changes at Jack Evans Headquarters

In an effort to maximize the safety of our community and workforce during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Dallas Police Department will immediately implement the operational changes outlined below. These changes are intended to reflect the best practices put forth by the Centers for Disease Control to mitigate the disease impact while still maintaining our public safety responsibilities. It is important to note that we are not amending our response to critical calls where life or safety is jeopardized. We will continue to monitor these changes and update as necessary.

  • Between the hours of 8:00AM-5:00PM, the front doors of Jack Evans Headquarters will remain open, and visitors will be screened at the window located at the front desk in the corridor. If a report is required and can be completed online, officers will provide the citizen with directions on how to access the online reporting system. If the visitors have an appointment, front desk personnel will notify the appropriate detective. The detective will come to the front desk and take the visitor from the lobby to the First Offender Room where the interview will be conducted.  If the First Offender Room is being used, the detective will take the visitor to one of the tables in the Media Conference Room to conduct the interview.   Detectives are encouraged to use DocuSign, telephone, and email as much as possible during this time to limit the number of visitors to Jack Evans Police Headquarters.  Detectives will notify the front desk upon completion of the interview and building services will clean the interview area.  Detectives need to come to the front desk to see availability before scheduling visitors. 

  • During the hours of 5:00PM-7:00AM, all visitor interaction will occur via the intercom outside of the front entrance door. Personnel will follow the same process as during regular business hours should there be a need for entrance into the building.

  • DPD will also amend its sex offender registration procedures at Jack Evans Headquarters. Currently, detectives will ensure the information is accurate for all documented registered offenders who report for their mandatory check-in via a secured window. Offenders will no longer enter the secure work area.

  • For New sex offenders that are registering for the first time, detectives will continue to fingerprint and enter their information into the database. However, detectives will take all necessary safety precautionary measures when fingerprinting offenders. This effort is to reduce the risk of exposure for the detectives and offenders.