Shelter in Place Information

There has been some misinformation about the Dallas Police Department’s approach to the shelter-in-place ordinance. Please see the statement below for clarity.  

Dallas Police officers were previously provided a summary of the shelter in place order for Dallas County. The City has now adopted similar regulations. Essentially, the regulations require all individuals anywhere in the City of Dallas to shelter in place – that is, stay at home – except for certain essential activities.

DPD’s first line of defense is an educational approach. Officers will inform residents of the shelter in place regulations and the reasons for their implementation. Next, officers will ask them to disperse as a means of voluntary compliance. Given the seriousness of this COVID-19 pandemic, violators are expected to leave the area peacefully.

Officers will not stop residents, asking for ID or documentation supporting their need to be out of their residence, without other legitimate reasons for the stop. At this time, DPD will focus on educating the public.