COVID-19 and Family Violence

With the stress of COVID-19 causing residents to stay home and stay safe, family violence victims may have a feeling of nowhere to escape and no one to call upon in their time of need. Below are just a few safety tips victims should consider:

  • The first step to safety is action. If an argument seems unavoidable, try to have it in a room or area that has access to an exit and not in a bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere near potential weapons.

  • Practice how to get out of your home safely.  Identify which doors, windows, elevator, or stairwell works best.

  • Have a packed bag ready and keep it in an undisclosed but accessible place in order to leave quickly.

  • Identify a neighbor you can tell about the violence and ask that they call the police if they hear a disturbance coming from your home.

  • Devise a code word to use with your children, family, friends, and neighbors when you need the police.

  • Decide and plan for where you will go if you must leave home (even if you don’t think you will need to leave).

  • Keep the phone numbers of area shelters close at hand.

People who are experiencing family violence can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE.