Addressing the Issue of Street Racers

The Dallas Police Department has responded to a number of street racing incidents over the weekend. The intel gathered showed that the violators were from the north Texas region and had no known affiliation with one another. Disturbances were reported at Live Oak Street and Skillman Street, Cole Avenue and Lemmon Avenue, I-35 and Royal Lane and the 9100 block of South Link, where one participant died from a racing-related accident. DPD’s street racing task force has been addressing these issues for the past two years. This weekend’s enforcement efforts consisted of:

224 Citations

115 Traffic stops

114 Calls Received

2 Felony Arrests

20 Grams of Marijuana Seized

The street racers’ activities continue in spite of the shelter-in-place order by Dallas County. In an effort to deter this unsanctioned and illegal form of auto racing on public streets, officers enforce all traffic laws: speeding, driving without a license, proper insurance and registration, as well as towing vehicles that are in violation of the city’s codes. Also, DPD understands that without spectators, there is no sport. On May 11, the department will present a draft ordinance regarding spectators. This will allow officers to cite those who attend these unlawful events as they share in the culpability of this illegal activity. 

DPD will continue addressing these issues and encourage our residents to inform law enforcement of any violators.