Be Smart, Do Your Part! #9PMRoutine

The Northeast Patrol Division will be joining agencies across the world with implementing the #9PMRoutine. This social media campaign was created to help remind the community to lock up their vehicles and homes every evening.

“We have been discussing this idea with our Volunteers in Patrol (VIP’s) and think it’s a great tool for us to use to remind people to lock and secure their valuables. The Northeast NPO Unit and I will be reminding community members nightly on social media to do their 9PM Routine.” Major Robert Arredondo.

The idea is simple … you routinely set an alarm on your smartphone, watch or another device to remind you to:

  • Remove valuable items from vehicles
  • Lock vehicle doors
  • Secure tools and bicycles
  • Close overhead garage doors
  • Lock the door between garage and house
  • Close and lock all exterior doors
  • Shut and lock windows
  • Turn on an exterior light
  • Activate alarm system if installed

If you need to report suspicious activity, please call 911 or you can report it through our iWatchDallas app.  You can choose to remain anonymous. Remember, crime prevention is everybody’s business.