Matthew’s Story: A Video Warning About The Effects Of Street Racing

Michael Armendariz could barely hold back tears as he talked about his son Matthew, who sustained permanent injuries when a street racer recklessly rammed into the family’s SUV in June of 2017. Matthew was 6-months old at the time of the accident and suffered brain damage and lost his eyesight and motor skills. He currently takes three types of medications daily to eliminate seizures. “They [street racers] robbed my son of his life,” said Armendariz.

The Dallas Police Department felt it was important to share the family’s story of courage and challenges on social media and with the media. The objective is to send a strong message, hoping to deter others from participating in this illegal activity. This week, Dallas City Council passed an ordinance that will allow the police department to fine spectators. The department is currently establishing guidelines and processes for future enforcement that will come at a later date.