Bicycle Theft Prevention

The COVID-19 quarantine has more and more families out riding bicycles. News outlets are reporting businesses being sold out of bicycles. With that being said, the Dallas Police Department would like to remind everyone to be smart and do their part by properly securing their bicycles when done riding. Don’t be the next victim of bicycle theft!

The following crime prevention measures can be used to help prevent bicycle theft:

  • Use a reliable bike lock. If you can, use two locks.
    • Two suggested lock options are the D or U lock.
  • Lock your bike properly.
  • When not in use and whenever possible, take your bike inside to prevent bike theft.
  • If parking in a public area, choose a location carefully.
  • Take a photo of your bike.
  • Record the make, model, and serial.

If you have information regarding criminal activity, you can report it through our iWatchDallas app. You can choose to remain anonymous. Remember, crime prevention is everybody’s business.