Chief Hall Announces New General Order on the Release of Police Videos from Critical Incidents

(DALLAS, June 30, 2020)–The Dallas Police Department today announced a new change to the department’s General Orders. The modification involves a change in the Video Release Policy when recordings depict specific encounters with the public. Beginning today, the department will release recordings, within 72 hours, of Critical Incidents including Officer Involved Shootings and Use of Force that results in serious bodily injury or death. It also includes release of video secured when a Death in Custody event happens.

Previously, the video was released on a case-by-case basis.

Dallas Police Chief Hall also expanded the order so it will allow an opportunity for the injured person or a next of kin for a deceased person to review the footage prior to the public release.  Additionally, the Director of the Office of Community Police Oversight, the District Attorney as well as the involved officer (s) will have an opportunity to view the video recording prior to its release.

“This is another step in our efforts to establish a foundation of transparency and trust among DPD and our communities,” said Chief Hall.

A second reform was implemented today, DPD began posting its monthly traffic and citation data, including analysis displaying race and ethnicities of the people cited. This step was outlined early this month when Dallas presented the “One Dallas: R.E.A.L. Change Plan” to the City Council.