Dallas Five 7/7 Moment of Silence


July 7th may have been just an ordinary day for most people, but for members of the Dallas Police Department, 7/7 is a day that will be forever etched in our hearts and minds. For that day in 2016, five brave souls gave their lives protecting the rights of others during a peaceful protest.

The Department was unable to honor their sacrifice with a public ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Chief Hall did not want this day to go by without reaching out to the families to express her continued support and provide words of encouragement during this solemn occasion. Therefore, the media conference room was transformed into a makeshift memorial so that Chief Hall could have the fallen hero’s as a backdrop while she spent time with family members during a virtual ceremony. Afterward, Chief Hall and Assistant Chief Avery Moore had the ‘laying of the wreath’ as a mark of honor.

Once the ceremony was over, officers were able to utilize the room throughout the day as a place for reflection and remembrance for their fellow officers.

At 8:58 pm, when the first shots rang out, patrol officers citywide honored the fallen officers with a moment of silence that was announced by a police dispatcher. Click the image below to hear the radio transmission.