The Dallas Police Department has become aware of a phone call scam involving individuals claiming to be Dallas Police Officers and utilizing caller ID spoofing.

The suspects are spoofing the South Central Patrol Station’s phone number (214- 671-4500) so that it appears the victim is receiving a legitimate phone call from the Dallas Police Department. The suspects have used two different ploys to illicit personal information and/or money from the victim. The suspects may tell the victim that he/she is part of a Human Trafficking Investigation and demand the victim’s personal information. The suspects have also demanded a $2,000 ransom for the return of a victim’s family member.

The Dallas Police Department will never call an individual and ask or demand financial payment of any kind. Be aware that these calls could appear to originate from other phone numbers or utilize different ploys to illicit personal information.

If you receive a call like this, please report the incident to Crime Complaint Center). The majority of these types of scams originate from foreign countries and will be investigated by our federal law enforcement partners.