Random Act of Kindness from 911 Call Takers

On the morning of March 29, 2020, 911 Call Taker Valencia Crowder received a phone call from a senior citizen stating that she had exhausted all her resources and called 911 because she didn’t have anything to eat and wondered if the City had a program that could assist with food. Valencia notified her Supervisor, Donna Shaw, and informed her of the circumstances surrounding the call.

Supervisor Shaw told Valencia to get the address and phone number so that she could purchase food during her break and deliver it personally. The word quickly spread throughout the 911 Call Center regarding the act of kindness being displayed by Valencia and Supervisor Shaw. In fact, other employees started pitching in to help purchase groceries. 

Supervisor Shaw purchased the groceries and picked up Call Taker Crowder so they could both deliver the groceries. When Donna called the citizen to tell her they were on the way with groceries, she burst into tears and started shouting praises.  They delivered and put the groceries away for the elderly lady and snapped a few amazing pictures.

The Dallas Police Department and the community are truly blessed to have such caring and loving Call Takers on the other end of a 911 phone call. We appreciate your hard work and dedication; but even more than that, we appreciate your kindness and your overall ability to go above and beyond your duties to assist those in need.