Twelve Days of Christmas Giving

This holiday season looks a little different for many this year because of COVID-19. So, the importance of staying engaged with the community has been the department’s Community Affairs Team’s focus by hosting a “12 Days of Christmas Giving Challenge”. The goal of this challenge is for Dallas residents to stay connected by doing daily random acts of kindness in the communities where they live. Community Affairs has spent the last 11 days as well “Paying it Forward” and doing “Random Acts of Kindness” throughout the City of Dallas. The challenge kicked off with a few big events sponsored by the department. 

On Friday, December 18th, the team held a “Big Holiday Give Back” at police headquarters.  One hundred individuals who have been unemployed in the last 6 months registered to receive a $25-$100 free gift card from Santa (Sgt. Lujan) and bags of fruit. This was made possible by our sponsors Macy’s, Brothers Produce, employees, and other community partners.

Saturday, December 19th, they held a homeless initiative, “Badges and Bags” event with over 300 care packages prepared and given out to those experiencing homelessness all over the city.  This initiative was led by the Office of Community Affairs LGBTQ+ team.

On December 23rd, McDonald’s goers were surprised with free breakfast and cups of coffee from the Community Affairs team, Lieutenant Quigg, Senior Corporal Pargas, and our Bike Bot, Officer Anthony.

With one more day to go, the Community Affairs team is wishing everyone a safe holiday with a reminder to focus on family. The 12 day of Christmas challenge is for everyone to find a safe way to connect with their loved ones over Zoom, FaceTime, or Social Media as opposed to in person.  We are asking everyone to stay safe and remember to social distance, wash your hands, and wear a mask. 

We hope that the “12 Days of Christmas Giving Challenge” events have brought us all closer together while apart.  

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holidays!

For More Info: Contact the Office of Community Affairs at 214.671.4045


Written by: Felecia Foster