Keeping Dallas Safe – Assisting a Family in Need

On February 8, 2021, Senior Corporal Boucher responded to a disturbance call that subsequently resulted in a civil matter in the 2400 block of Joe Field Road. During the course of the call, Senior Corporal Boucher learned that a mother and her two children, one being a toddler, had fled from a domestic violence situation in another state to seek a new beginning in the Dallas area. She and her children had been living in their vehicle until the vehicle was taken to an establishment for repairs, which led to the civil matter and the mother being unable to reclaim her disabled vehicle. Seeing how distraught the mother was over her circumstances, Senior Corporal Boucher began sympathizing over her situation because it became obvious that the mother and her children would be left stranded and more importantly, without shelter for the upcoming frigid weather.  

Senior Corporal Boucher and fellow officers began searching local shelters for the mother and her children, but was not having success because the shelters had limited spaces due to the pandemic and thereby at capacity.  Without hesitation, Senior Corporal Boucher and fellow officers took it upon themselves and offered to pay for three nights at a hotel room for the family until they could resolve the civil matter. The mother accepted the generous offer and she and her family along with all their belongings were given a ride to a nearby hotel. 

Officers face many types of calls daily and left to solve problems that are criminal in nature. However, there are many times officers go above and beyond to help community members in need that goes outside the scope of their responsibility. The Dallas Police Department is so proud of these officers who displayed conspicuous compassion for those in need; thereby earning the respect and admiration for themselves and the Department.