Speeding and Racing Task Force

During the weekend, March 19 – March 21, 2021, the Speeding and Racing Task Force (SRTF) was in full force addressing the speeding and racing offenses across the city.  As a result, 33 arrests were made, 209 traffic stops were conducted, 181 traffic citations were written, seven offenses cleared, 10 incidents where drugs were seized, and six guns recovered. On one incident, the SRTF responded to 12100 E. Northwest Highway regarding a reckless driver performing donuts around the gas pumps.  The driver was arrested for Reckless Driving and found to be in possession of a Mini Draco pistol (image below), resulting in an Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon charge. SRTF was monitoring a large take-over of reckless drivers when officers arrested a driver and located individually packaged bags of marijuana, a scale, and large sums of cash (image below). On previous occasions, Air1 and several elements located a group of people doing donuts which subsequently led to their arrest for reckless driving and a warrant for assault.

“We recognize there is more work to be done; however, the men and women of the Dallas Police Department hear the concerns of the citizens and are working tirelessly to end these senseless driving behaviors,” said Chief Garcia. “We are aggressively seeking these particular traffic violators and it’s resulting not only in arrests for speeding and reckless driving, but we are getting guns and drugs off our streets as well.”  The following are the results of their diligence over the past month.