Violent Crime Reduction Plan


A message from the Chief,

The Violent Crime Reduction Plan is a culmination of collaborating with criminologists, hearing from other departments within the City, and, most importantly, listening to our neighborhoods most impacted by violent crime.

While Dallas Police Department is committed to combating violent crime, our officers cannot do this alone and it requires a multi-faceted approach.  Examples include the steps already underway in long-term, non-enforcement strategies critical to any holistic violent crime reduction plan.  Among these are:  R.E.A.L. Change –policing that is Responsible, Equitable, Accountable, and Legitimate; expansion of the RIGHT CARE program; forming a mobile crisis response team; establishing violence interrupters; creating the Office of Community Police Oversight; reintroducing the Youth Support Services Division; founding the Office of Integrated Public Safety Solutions to mitigate circumstances that contribute to violent crime and embracing the recommendations set forth by the Mayor’s Taskforce on Safe Communities.   

The approach above, coupled with proven, evidence-based policing strategies included in this presentation, will help strengthen our City.  Our ultimate goal is the reduction of crime, with an increase in community trust.  We will strive for both, as these concepts are not mutually exclusive.  Our men and women will continue to partner with our community and strive to achieve a safer Dallas.

~Chief Eddie Garcia


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