Technical Issue with the T-Mobile Network

Update: June 7, 2021, at 10:25 a.m.

T-Mobile is reporting that the issue is now resolved. Their data shows that 50 calls were impacted. However, all 50 calls were received by the public safety answering point but only were missing the location and number information. It is a 911 standard to validated all location and phone number information. As result, there was no impact for the caller during the provider network issue.

Original Post:

The City of Dallas 911 Call Center was notified that T-Mobile customers may not be able to reach 911 due to issues with the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile callers can reach 911 call takers by dialing 214-744-4444 if they have any issues dialing 911.

We are continuing to work with T-Mobile and our City Communications and Information Systems in order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.