Teaming-Up to Bring a Smile

On June 10, 2021, the Southwest NPO Unit brought smiles and joy to young patients at MD Kids Pediatrics.

This is the first time the Southwest NPO Unit has engaged in this type of event. We came together as a unit and asked ourselves, how can we put a smile on a child’s face?” said Senior Corporal Todd.

Senior Corporal Lozano and Officer Wohlwend visited the clinic with donated toys and gave away numerous stuffed animals to the children. The Southwest NPO Unit plans on visiting three more clinics in the upcoming two weeks.

Police officers are sometimes perceived as tough guys, but Senior Corporal Lozano melted every time a child walked through the door. “You just saw it immediately in their eyes, if they were feeling a little bit under the weather, for a split second they forgot and just smiled,” said Senior Corporal Lozano. “I don’t have children of my own, but I know I hate shots just as much as the next kid.”

The event was a success and brought cheer and laughter. The Southwest NPO Unit will continue to team up with clinics such as MD Kids Pediatrics in efforts to spread happiness to everyone’s day, even if it is one second at a time.