Dallas Police Department Launches Safe Place Program

Today, the Dallas Police Department launched the Safe Place Program.  This program, which originated in Seattle, was designed to raise awareness on the rise of hate crimes, especially within the LGBTQ+ community.   It is geared towards increasing the confidence of the victim to report these crimes with the assurance that they will be treated fairly and with dignity.  Dallas Hope Charities and the Collective Hope Coalition has partnered with the Dallas Police Department in hopes that by providing this Safe Place program, it will reduce the risk of injury and self-harm within the LGBTQ+ community.

Businesses and organizations throughout the city of Dallas with the above-pictured placard will serve as safe haven for those individuals victimized by all crime with an emphasis on hate crimes.  Residence who feel that they are in any kind of danger will be able to take refuge at designated locations and safely wait for the police to arrive. 

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garica, Mayor Pro Tem Chad West, Dallas Police LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer Megan Thomas were among those who spoke on this accomplishment.