Zamarripa Family Feeds Southwest Patrol

On July 2, 2021, at 6:00 a.m. Valerie Zamarripa woke up early, loaded her vehicle with food and beverages, and headed towards the Dallas Police Southwest Sub-Station. Valerie Zamarripa is the mother of Patrick Zamarripa. Patrick was among the five officers killed in downtown Dallas when they were ambushed by a shooter during a protest on July 7, 2016. He was a hero that night as he ran towards the gunfire.

As she arrived at the station her son, Patrick Zamarripa, once reported, she was greeted with open arms and hugs by several officers. Her support never wavered, her appreciation never dipped, and her love for the department never stopped.

Valerie provided a breakfast filled with a variety of tacos, donuts, and coffee to the officers. She understood that most officers never quite make time for breakfast and rarely have time to eat, but today she would change that. Valerie and her family’s kindness didn’t stop at breakfast. She waited and prepared hamburgers and hot dogs for officers who worked the late afternoon shift.

“Food warms the heart and that is what keeps family together. Let’s celebrate our officers and dig in,” she responded to officers as they thanked her.



Feature photo courtesy of Sgt. Tony Andujar