DPD Kids Summer Safety Bus Tour

This morning at Dallas Police Headquarters, officers from the Community Engagement Operations Bureau, SWAT, and Motorcycle Unit assembled in efforts to reach out to kids and discuss some summer safety tips. Plenty of water, snow cones, and smiles were present as parents and children came out to meet officers from across the department. 

The Kids Summer Safety Tour consisted of five stops throughout the city and its final stop was at the Dallas Police Headquarters. Over 150 children were greeted by Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batwoman from the Heros, Cops, and Kids Unit. “I’ve never attended an event like this before,” a parent stated. ” My child loved the snow cone, but most importantly we got some great advice and information from the officers.”

One of the highlights of the morning was when Officer Townsend, of the Redbird Outreach Center, educated children on stranger danger tips and what to do if they get lost. “It’s a conversation that has to be done,” said Officer Townsend. “Instead of sitting around waiting for the perfect time to talk about a difficult topic, it’s up to us as adults to get the conversation started.”

The event was a victory in getting the information across to numerous children. The Dallas Police Department could not ask for a better way to start our morning than seeing a smile on everyone’s face.