Officer of the Month-August 2021

The Officer of the Month Ceremony was held at A. C. Garrett Masonic Lodge on September 8, 2021. Recipient Senior Corporal Anastasia Stevens #7182, was honored by the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee (DCPAC) for her devotion and leadership to both the citizens of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department.

Senior Corporal Stevens works within the Uniform Crime Reporting Unit and ensures all offenses and arrests are reported to the State of Texas in accordance with Federal UCR guidelines. During her time in UCR, she has become an integral member of the unit. Senior Corporal Stevens serves as a trainer for the unit and has trained many of the personnel who are currently on the team.  She, at times, assumes the role of Acting Sergeant and is always prepared to answer questions from all levels of personnel regarding offense coding. She not only steps easily into the role of supervisor when called, but all the other UCR members view her as a team leader. Being a leader and being respected as one are not always synonymous concepts and few possess both, however, Senior Corporal Stevens does.


One way that she demonstrates leadership is how she understands each of her team member’s personal skills and abilities to complete certain tasks. During the month of December 2020, this leadership quality proved valuable as it enabled Senior Corporal Stevens to effectively distribute work assignments. She deligated certain duties to the person who could best handle the task and subsequently recognized the quantity of work each person was capable of handling. 

In the end, Senior Corporal Stevens contribution to the UCR’s mission, especially during the 2020 offense submissions, went well beyond the expectations, requirements, and job description of a Senior Corporal assigned to UCR. Anastasia Stevens is the kind of officer that the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee was designed to honor. 

Congratulations Senior Corporal Anastasia Stevens!