Congratulations Senior Corporal Hannah Tamez

On October 13, 2021, Senior Corporal Hannah Tamez #8518 was named Officer of the Month for the month of October by the Oak Cliff Lions Club at a ceremony held in her honor at Tyler Street Church. 

Senior Corporal Tamez is a 17-years veteran of the Dallas Police Department who is currently assigned to the Animal Cruelty Team where she has served tirelessly since its inception in October of 2018.  As a detective for the Animal Cruelty Team, Senior Corporal Tamez has filed many cases and worked closely with the Dallas County Assistant District Attorney for the Animal Cruelty Unit to clear multiple offenses and to ensure the safety of our furry animal friends by being their spokesperson.  

Senior Corporal Tamez is married to her husband of 18 years, Dallas Police Senior Corporal Mario Tamez and has three children.  She goes beyond the call of duty and takes work home by opening up her home to foster animals from the Dallas Animal Services and the SPCA of Texas.  Senior Corporal Tamez and her family currently care for 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 rooster, 25 hens, 4 guinea pigs, 3 lizards, 8 frogs and they are still looking to expand.

Senior Tamez, we salute and congratulate you for your tenacity, hard work, selflessness which has all caused you to be honored as the Oak Cliff Lions Club’s Officer of the Month for the month of October!