Prestonwood Rotary Club Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2021

Today, the Prestonwood Rotary Club recognized three deserving and exceptional officers for their hard work, dedication, tenacity, and commitment to selflessly serve the communities in which they work.  Senior Corporals Tanya Gooden #7569, John Lopez #8925, and Gregory “Greg” Ceraso #9415 were spotlighted at a luncheon held in their honor at The Clubs of Prestonwood.

Senior Corporal Gooden is a 24-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department who is currently assigned to the South Central Investigative Unit.  She continues to lead her unit in cases filed with her keen investigative abilities. She is known for her professionalism and the aptitude to talk to suspects in a way to connect with them empathically and gain full confessions.  Tanya is always quick to volunteer for the less favorable assignments and diligently works them without complaint.  She interacts with patrol officers regularly to ensure that they are well informed of the crime trends and other pertinent information needed in the field.

Senior Corporal Lopez is a 15-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department who is currently assigned to the Auto Theft Unit.  He is a very reliable and highly productive member of his unit.  Year to date, John has worked 394 auto theft cases, filed 32 cases for prosecution, and cleared 109 cases by arrest or exceptional arrest.  John is often called upon by other members of his unit as he never hesitates to lend a helping hand when needed.

Senior Corporal Ceraso is a 13-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department who is currently assigned to the Canine Unit.  Gregory and his canine partner, Aygo, are vital members of the Canine Unit. This year alone, Gregory has had over 240 deployments with Aygo and the pair together have apprehended over 120 felony suspects.  Gregory goes beyond the call of duty by working on his days off and he almost never works just a regular day shift.  He is always willing to work overtime assignments covering other shifts when other canine handlers need to take off.  According to his supervisor, Sergeant Kent Wolverton, “This has never been asked of him, it is simply what Greg does.”

Congratulations to you all and thank you for being exemplary examples of the mantra in our profession, “TO PROTECT AND SERVE”!