Telling the Story of Oak Cliff, Texas Without Words

On November 9, 2021, the Dallas Police Department in conjunction with the Oak Cliff Cultural Center and the Dallas Public Library unveiled a mural at the Hampton-Illinois Public Library that tells the story of Oak Cliff.  This was a collective effort between the artist, Fred Villanueva, and the children of the community.  Mr. Villanueva personified his idea by drawing the outline of the moral and having the children paint it using the concept of color or paint by numbers. 

Mr. Villanueva explained the meaning of the moral in these words, “This image celebrates life in the diverse community of Oak Cliff, Texas, and fostering access to learning, fun, safety, and beauty for everybody. Color holds meaning, so I’ve included representational elements in a modern way. Flowers become persons.

A central, blue parent-child flower represents the contributions of the Dallas Police Department, as part of the Dallas community, to the safety of our town. The parent-child family relationship, fostering LOVE, is represented on both sides and within the blue figures. Flowers and the colors behind the figures represent seasonal changes in the natural environment. 

The left side of the mural, and closest to the entrance of the library, presents “Learning is Power/ Saber es Poder”. Ultimately, the mural honors growing and reaching for higher goals, along with the responsibility held in fostering safety and love of learning for subsequent generations”.

Dallas Police Lieutenant Leroy Quigg played a significant role in getting this collaboration together.  At the opening ceremony, he expressed, “This is one of many murals that we want to do throughout the city to represent community unity and I also want to give a special thanks to Sean Leeper for having this idea and following through with this mural project.”

A job well done to Mr. Villanueva, Lieutenant Quigg, the Oak Cliff Cultural Center, and the Dallas Public Library for bringing the community together and exposing the minds of our children to not only culture through the arts but to the rich history that is known as “Oak Cliff, Texas”.

Everyone is encouraged to visit this beautiful community-inspired mural, the address it is located at is  2951 S. Hampton Road.