John Neely Bryan Elementary School Book Fair

On November 29, 2021, Safer Dallas Better Dallas led the Scholastic Book Fair with the help of AT&T, the Dallas Independent School District, and the Dallas Police Department. AT&T once again showed its commitment to the community by sponsoring the Scholastic Book Fair allowing Chief Garcia and his team to deliver wrapped books to all the students of John Neely Bryan Elementary School.

Part of the Dallas Police Department’s Violent Crime Plan is predicated upon seeding into the communities where violent crime has driven away the hope kids should see for a better future. This marks the second special event Safer Dallas will host in partnership with the Dallas Police Department to inspire children and most importantly re-frame their personal interactions with law enforcement. “The first time these kids see us and the opportunity they have to meet us cannot be in a moment of crisis.” Chief Garcia stated. “Our hope is that our men and women are looked at more than just the uniform they wear.”

In addition to the books given to the children, they will also have the opportunity to “shop” the book fair for three additional books to take home with them. Many of us remember the fun and magic that Scholastic Book Fairs represented in our childhoods, and we are all thrilled to bring that same magic to the kids at John Neely Bryan.