Project Beloved Donate Soft Interview Room for Victims of Crime

Project Beloved Non-Profit was formed after the rape and murder of Molly Jane. Molly Jane was 22-years-old when she was murdered on April 10, 2017. Her mom, Tracy started the non-profit Project Beloved shortly after her death.

Project Beloved partners with law enforcement agencies to provide a Soft Interview Room to facilitate interviews with victims of crimes. Project Beloved also provides comfort items in the Soft Interview room such as a weighted blanket, stress balls, comfortable lighting, and even a change of clothes for victims.

The Dallas Police Department had been on a waiting list for a Soft Interview Room when a donor came through with Project Beloved to fund a room for the department’s Vice Unit, who would utilize the room for victims of human trafficking. Meagan Powers, who is a local attorney, reached out to Project Beloved to assist with the funding for the department’s room. 

Today, the room was unveiled and members from Project Beloved and Ms. Powers were able to show off the room to members of the department’s command staff.

Deputy Chief Ramirez stated, “This is the kind of partnership that makes us an elite agency and that’s what we strive to do, to be the best in the country. When we have organizations like Project Beloved, it helps us to become the best.”

The Dallas Police Department and the Vice Unit appreciate the hard work of Project Beloved and Meagan Powers helping our officers have this to assist with victims of crimes.