DPD’s Miracle on Fordham Road


It is never too late for a good Christmas story.  Do you remember the classic Christmas tale of the Miracle on 34th Street?  Well, this is the tale of the Miracle on Fordham Road.

On December 23, 2021, Senior Corporal Monte Cates responded to a call for service at a residence on Fordham Road.  From talking with the grandmother, Senior Corporal Cates learned that her daughter suffered a stroke two months prior which left her wheelchair-bound, unable to speak, and unable to care for herself or her children.  As a result, the daughter and her four children had to move in with the grandmother, who is the sole provider for the family.  After becoming aware of their circumstances, Senior Corporal Cates spoke with the grandmother about Christmas.  At which time, she informed him that she was unable to afford any presents for the children and that they needed clothing.  Senior Corporal Cates then returned back to the South Central Patrol Division and informed officers and staff of this family’s circumstances.  In less than 24 hours, the officers and staff of the South Central Patrol Division came together and presented this family with gifts, toys, clothing and Walmart gift cards for their basic needs.

Great job to the officers and staff of the South Central Patrol Division for your selfless act of kindness that not only touched this family but etched lasting memories of the “Miracle on Fordham Road” that they will never forget.