DPD Partners With Trusted World to Help Families in Need

In addition to fighting crime, Dallas Police are now helping to combat the epidemic of situational poverty throughout the city of Dallas while building community trust and bridging the gap between community and law enforcement in the process. 

The Dallas Police Department is now working with Trusted World, a nonprofit organization that works with front-line workers who see people and families in crisis every day.  Trusted World provides the basic necessities such as size-specific clothing, food, and toiletries to school counselors, social workers, police officers, and other nonprofits.

Dallas Police officers order those quality resources online through Trusted World’s Partner Portal which are delivered to the police department within 48 hours and at no cost.  Officers are then able to personally deliver those items to the community members in crisis.  On January 28, 2022, the Bexar Street Storefront, the Jubilee Park Storefront, and the Central Neighborhood Patrol Officers had the humbling experience of delivering such goods to two families in need. 

Trusted World Founder and CEO, Michael Garrett expressed “We can’t help police officers on the protection side, but we can on the serving side.  Police officers, like school counselors, are on the front lines and among the first to see people struggling and in crisis. And while they may have the passion and desire to make a difference in a person’s life; they don’t have the resources- and we said we got your back.”

As a Trusted World partner, Dallas Police now have another tool to continue to help build community trust, bring relief to the people who live in the communities in which they serve.