DPD and FBI Conduct Joint Operation That Results in Multiple Arrests

Over the week, federal and local law enforcement agencies have been collaborating in the investigation of a major organized crime ring involving numerous robberies. The Dallas Police Department and the FBI’s Dallas Violent Crimes Task Force completed a joint operation on January 29, 2022, that resulted in the arrest of six individuals, multiple vehicles and narcotics seized, and evidence linking the suspects to the offenses.

The suspects have robbed numerous fast-food businesses, at gunpoint, nearly on a daily basis. Detectives were then able to identify several persons of interest including the vehicle involved in these robberies. With assistance from our FBI partners, the suspect’s vehicle was then located and surveilled.

This culminated in a warrant for engaging in organized crime for the suspects, as well as search warrants for three locations. The following suspects were then located and arrested at a residence on Rutz Street: 30 year old B/M Joshua Hines, 35 year old B/M Damorious Island, 19 year old B/M Chris Island, 30 year old B/M Larome Simon, 25 year old B/F Antonique Nichols, and 39 year old B/M Verland Roberts.

At the time of the arrest, a vehicle related to the homicide at 8004 West Virginia Driveand, documented under case number 007848-2022,  was located along with two additional guns and narcotics inside. The suspect in that offense is in custody.

“With these arrests, law enforcement removed dangerous individuals who posed a threat to our community. We will continue working with our partners every day to prevent acts of violent crime.”– Chief Eddie Garcia