Homicide on 3435 N. Winnetka Ave.


On February 11, 2022, at approximately 11:39 p.m., Dallas Police Officers responded to a shooting call at 3435 N. Winnetka Ave.  Upon arrival, officers encountered the suspect, Christopher Johnson, a 26 year old White male who told officers that he had shot someone who was shooting at pointed a gun at him. The complainant, Gavino Lorta, a  25 year old Latin male, was transported to an area hospital by personal vehicle. 

The complainant and his brother, went to the house that the suspect was standing in front of talking to friend.  There has been an on-going disputes between the complainant and the suspect.  The complainant and his brother got out of their vehicle and began to approach the suspect while pointing their guns at him.  The suspect, felling that his life was being threatened, retrieved his weapon from his vehicle and fired his weapon in the direction of the two armed individuals.  The complainant was struck once in the shoulder and succumbed to his injury at the hospital.  The female witness who was with the complainant and his brother was standing outside the vehicle when the gun-fire exchange occurred.  She was grazed on the arm by a stray bullet, but was treated and released at the hospital.

This case will be classified as a justifiable homicide and the case will be referred to a Dallas County Grand Jury.