Reserve Officer Robert Debenport #R400 Named Officer of the Year 2021

Today, Reserved Officer Robert Debenport #R400 was named Officer of the Year 2021 by the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee at a breakfast held at The Clubs of Prestonwood.

Officer Debenport is a 5-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department Reserve Division.  In addition to working his full-time job at Southwest Airlines during the day, for 9 months Officer Debenport attended the Dallas College Eastfield Police Academy at night to earn his TCOLE license.  He also spent an additional 2 months at the Dallas Police Department Academy. 

As a reserve officer, Officer Debenport is required to voluntarily work at least 18 hours per month, which he surpassed by routinely working an average of 36-37 hours per month, while he still maintained his forestated full-time employment.  He is described as one that is always upbeat, enthusiastic about his profession, and eager to be one of the first officers to volunteer for any special duties or assignments that come along.  In 2017, when Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, Officer Debenport coordinated a joint effort between the Dallas Police Department and Southwest Airlines to gather and airlift emergency supplies and resources to the local police to assist in their daily duties.  This came as a big help to them as some were working in flip flops and old clothes as a result of losing everything in the storm.  He also arranged travel for several officers to go to Puerto Rico and personally distribute the supplies.

Dallas Police Reserve Lieutenant Kyle Anderson expressed, “In these times, it is hard to find full-time officers that are as dedicated to our profession, much less to find a person such as Officer Debenport that is so dedicated to the citizens of Dallas, the Dallas Police Department and the profession of police work.  He always goes above and beyond to help keep our city safe.”

Officer Robert Debenport, the Dallas Police Department salutes and thank you for representing the department and the badge with such dignity, valor and courage!  Job well done and God bless you!