SDBD & Rotary Club of Dallas Host Luncheon to Honor Executive Assistant Chief Lonzo Anderson

Today, the Rotary Club of Dallas along with Safer Dallas Better Dallas (SDBD), honored Dallas Police Executive Assistant Chief Lonzo Anderson with the Distinguished Service Award at a luncheon held at Edison’s Dallas.  Assistant Chief Anderson was recognized for his hard work, dedication, tenacious attitude towards the law enforcement profession and unrelenting leadership style that he has displayed throughout his career.

Assistant Chief Anderson hails from Palestine, Texas.  He grew up with the childhood dream of becoming a police officer.  That dream became a reality over twenty-five years ago when he joined the Dallas Police Department and began moving through the ranks.  He has served the Dallas Police Department and the City of Dallas as a patrol officer, an investigator, a City Manager Liaison, a Patrol Lieutenant, a Police Major, Deputy Chief and an Assistant Chief of Police.  As an Assistant Chief, he oversaw the Patrol Bureau which consisted of seven individual patrol divisions and covered all 385 square miles of Dallas, Texas.  In March 2021, Chief Anderson was appointed to his current rank of Executive Assistant Chief of Police over the Patrol and Administrative Bureaus where he not only oversees the Patrol Bureau, but he now also oversees the Administrative Bureau and the Financial and Contract Management Operations.

Assistant Chief Anderson holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Business from Tarleton State University.  He will complete his master’s degree in Public Administration in December 2022.  Assistant Chief Anderson is a firm believer in evidence-based policing which fuels his goal of making Dallas the safest city in America by the implementation of research-driven methods and community engagement. 

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia expressed, “He exemplifies the qualities we all want to see in our police officers; drive, determination, integrity, honesty, perseverance, compassion, wisdom, generosity, intelligence and I will add loyalty.” Chief Garcia further stated, “It’s for all these reasons and again that I was honored to be able to nominate Executive Assistant Chief Lonzo Anderson for the Rotary Club of Dallas and Safer Dallas Better Dallas Distinguished Service Award for 2021.”

Derrick Battie, a Dallas native and longtime community liaison, was also honored with the Public Safety Leader Awards for his extension work in the community.