DPD Celebrates Women’s History Month: Meet Senior Corporal I. Ta’Nae Europe #8987


March is designated as Women’s History Month, a month that we set aside, as a nation, to recognize the many accomplishments and contributions that women have made and continue to make to improve the society and culture in which we live today.  In a profession that is male-dominated, it is always inspiring to see a woman that can move through the ranks and display her ability to do the job just as well as her male counterpart. 

Senior Corporal I. Ta’Nae Europe #8987 is a 15-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department hailing from Joliet, Illinois.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.  She is also a 6-year veteran of the United States Army Reserve.

Senior Corporal Europe started her career with the department in November 2006.  After graduating from the police academy, she was assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division where she remained until she was promoted to the rank of Senior Corporal in February 2012.  After promoting, she begin working as a detective with the DPD Narcotics Unit in December 2012.  As a result of her hard work, dedication and tenacity within the Narcotics Unit, she was offered a position with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Taskforce in 2018 where she worked until December 2021 when she became the first African-American Female Narcotics Canine Handler in the history of the Dallas Police Department.  In just a short time, she and her K-9 Partner Bear #129, a 2-year-old German Shephard from Hungry, have hit the streets running and shown that they are more than capable of doing the job. 

Bear is a Narcotics sniff dog trained to detect the odors of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, and MDMA. He is certified by the American Detection Canine Association set forth by the United States Police Canine Association.  He has quickly become acclimated to his handler and the two together are a “Dynamic Duo”.

Senior Corporal Europe expressed, “I’m very grateful for every each and every experience, and opportunity the Dallas Police Department has afforded me. In my fifteen-year journey, I would like to share with other women that you will experience both excitement and obstacles in life, but it’s not what you experience it’s what you do with that experience. Life is not a destination it is clearly a journey. Every day I try to be the best version of myself! That’s what I live by. It has gotten me this far. Give back to your community and or to someone else if you are able. There is no justice if you keep your journey to yourself.”

Senior Corporal Europe, thank you for your contributions, representing the Dallas Police Department well and serving the citizens of Dallas with such tenacity, dedication and selflessness!