Officer Maria C. Cole Named Officer of the Month April 2022

Today, the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee named Officer Maria C. Cole, #8029, Officer of the Month for April 2022.  Officer Coles was highlighted for her diligence, productiveness and commitment to the law enforcement profession.

Officer Cole is a 21-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department who grew up in the heart of Dallas and one who always wanted to give back to her community in the capacity of a police officer.  She began her career as a patrol officer at the Central Patrol Division.  She currently works in the Legal Services Unit where she is known for her expert ability to multi-task and handle business effortlessly.  A part of her responsibilities includes reviewing hundreds of cases produced by the patrol divisions, and to ensure each case complies with the needed standards in building the strongest case for trial.

In 2020, Officer Cole took on a case filing project for Driving While License Invalid/ Suspended cases. The work and documentation needed to meet the District Attorney’s requirements for this project, demanded true detective work and follow up.  Because of staffing issues and her rank, Officer Cole could not receive detective pay; however, she took on the project without complaining as she fully understood the importance of this project and the needs of the department.

Recently, Officer Cole encountered a foster family which consisted of a single mother raising three foster children.  Aside from her busy schedule with her own family, Officer Cole provided a fun and enjoyable ice-skating outing for the family as well as fed them and donated the necessary items to them.  She also mentored the mother in parenting skills.

In her nomination recommendation, Dallas Police Sergeant Norma Massu expressed, “In the year I have known Officer Cole, I quickly discovered she is one of the most selfless persons I ever met.  She always puts everyone before herself and does it gracefully.  I believe this award is long overdue for Officer Cole.  She is an amazing woman, police officer and Marine.  I am proud to nominate Officer Cole for Officer of the Month.”

Thank you, Officer Cole for your selfless acts of kindness while representing the Dallas Police Department to the highest standards! 

“I work with the most amazing people who bring out the best in me.”

-Officer Maria Cole