Five Honored at Awards Breakfast

Today, a breakfast was held by the Sons of American Revolution in honor of five officers. The awards range from a life-saving award, heroism, and a law enforcement commendation. The recognition and ceremony were delayed due to the pandemic.

Officer Karissa David

On June 21, 2020, Officer Karissa David saved the life of a man who had crashed his vehicle into a pole. Officer David heard the crash and immediately went into action to get cover and help the accident victim whom she found unconscious.  Officer David noticed that the engine block had burst into flames and was able to pull the accident victim with the help of a citizen from the vehicle. If not for her quick action, the accident victim would have perished in the vehicle fire. Officer David is also receiving a Life-Saving Award.

Officer Quintarius Crenshaw

Officer Quintarius Crenshaw is receiving an award for heroism. On August 5, 2020, Officer Crenshaw was ending his tour of duty when he heard a woman with a 1-year-old  child in distress at the gates of the substation. Officer Crenshaw realized that the child was having breathing difficulties and immediately began performing life-saving measures.  The child began breathing again and officers stay with the mom and child until Dallas Fire Rescue arrived.

On April 29, 2019, Sergeant Jennifer Wells was working off-duty at the Southwest Center mall when she heard gunshots go off. While patrons ran from the shots, Sgt. Wells ran towards the shots and encounter a disturbance at a jewelry store. Three males were fighting over a handgun when the gun had gone off.  The males fled the jewelry store before Sgt. Wells got there, but witnesses pointed her in the direction of one of the suspects involved. Sgt. Wells was able to take one of the suspects into custody and recover a handgun. Cover officers were able to take a second suspect into custody.  Sgt. Wells was awarded for her heroic deed and exceptional meritorious conduct involving exemplary courage, risk, and danger to herself.

Officer Travis Ruston received a Life-Saving Award for saving the life of a man who had been shot on November 25, 2019. Officer Ruston placed a tourniquet on the leg of the man who had been shot. By doing this, Paramedic Scotty Fogarty stated that “I can say without a doubt that the placement of the tourniquet saved this man’s life.” Officer Ruston was nominated by Sergeant Melquiades Irizarry.

Sergeant Kurtis Schmidt is receiving a Law Enforcement Commendation for his work at the Auto Pound.  Nominated by Captain Troy McClain, Sgt. Schmidt has been instrumental in the day-to-day operations, vehicle auctions, assisting with vehicles for covert use and the bait car program, as well as making sure the environmental regulations are met. Sgt. Schmidt has taken an active and visible interest in making the DPD Auto Pound an efficient and effective operation.

Officer Travis Ruston and Sergeant Kurtis Schmidt were not able to attend the ceremony. Congratulations to all of the award recipients on a job well done!